The Catio – Screened-In Porch!

First, there was nothing. Then we built a 3 room addition with a wrap-around deck. From there, we converted one side of the deck into a screened-in porch with gas fireplace and customized roll-up screens.

Patio to Composite Deck Project!

This is our first ever video to get posted to YT! There are plenty more videos to come and we can’t wait to show everyone what A to Z Turnovers can do for you! And yes, we hope to improve our production values along the way. Thanks and enjoy!

What exactly is LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) and where in my home should I use it?

Luxury Vinyl Plank

By Donovan Gorey
Luxury Vinyl Planks (also known as LVP) is a relatively new product that competes with hardwood flooring, in that they look almost identical. Vinyl plank flooring consist of ¼” vinyl strips that can range from four, to seven inches wide and are available in a variety of lengths. The major advantages between LVP and hardwood floors are that LVP flooring is actually more durable, water resistant, and less expensive, than regular solid hardwood. So, it is safe to apply LVP flooring in damp areas in your home.

Such as any room/area close to a window or door. It works extremely well in kitchens, or bathrooms too due the fact that they are exposed to moisture quite often. These two areas are the most common areas that LVP flooring is applied. Another advantage of buying LVP flooring over bare laminate flooring is the strength and  resistance. Dishes dropped on LVP kitchen floors do not break as they would when dropped on bare laminate floors. This is solely due to the LVP floors having more layers, that are made up of 100% synthetic material. Today it is still difficult to differentiate the difference between LVP flooring and hardwood visually, but if you’re looking for a cheaper, more durable alternative to hardwood, LVP flooring may be the way to go.

Donovan Gorey is a rising senior at Damascus High School in Damascus, Maryland. 
She is helping to write blogs for A to Z Turnover Services and it is her first summer job. 

Choosing the Right Paint Colors

Paint Cans

By Donovan Gorey
Selecting the right paint color for the walls of your home has the power to reflect your personality as an individual and create the overall aura of your home. It doesn’t take much color to liven up an area of your home. Colors can range anywhere from peaceful to energetic to edgy. It’s important to consider the tone of the color before choosing, so you are not disappointed, but satisfied with not only how it looks when applied but what it actually adds and implements to your home. Think about the energy given off by the color and whether if feels suitable for you or not.

Once you find the color/s you’re thinking about using, try holding up the palette to the wall of the space during different times of the day. This will help you get a sense of how different lighting will affect the color. It’s also important to keep in mind that the paint color on the palette will almost always be darker and deeper on your walls.

The color of your walls has the power to reflect your personality and a happy home. This is why selecting a paint color for your home is key to putting off an energy you are pleased and content with.

Donovan Gorey is a rising senior at Damascus High School in Damascus, Maryland. 
She is helping to write blogs for A to Z Turnover Services and it is her first summer job. 

Licensed, Bonded (DC Only) & Insured!

MHICA to Z is pleased to announce that; after passing an exam, paying fee after fee and waiting nearly 3 months – we are finally a fully licensed Home Improvement Contracting company in both Maryland and the District of Columbia! We look forward to growing our business exponentially and offering superior service with outstanding results to all of our customers.


Thank you one and all for coming out to the Montgomery Village Home Show! Beto and his team did a phenomenal job putting that together. I know it was a great deal of effort to make it go so smoothly. I met dozens of great folks who were more than just patrons at a home show – they were my neighbors! For those of you that were in need of some quotes, I will be reaching out to you shortly to set up some appointments. Once more, thanks to all that participated and attended, I think it was a great way to kick off Spring!

A to Z & Montgomery Village Home Show

Be sure to come to the Montgomery Village Home Show at the Lake Merion Community Center on March 18th. A to Z will have a booth set up as will dozens of other local businesses.

The information for the show can be found online at:

There will be food and plenty of giveaways! Be sure to stop by our table to enter and have a chance to win this custom built game table (see picture above). Also, be sure to look for our ad in the Village News!

See you there!

Cabin Fever Specials: Offer valid for all contracts signed prior to 1/31/17

PAINTING; Paint 4 or more rooms and get an additional room painted for free! We will provide the labor and up to 2 gallons of paint for free!

HARDWOOD FLOORS; Have more than 400 sq ft of hardwood floors installed and we will provide the labor to have an additional room’s floors done too (up to 120 sq ft, materials not included).

CERAMIC TILE; Have more than 200 sq ft of ceramic tile installed and we will provide the labor to have an additional 50 sq ft installed for free (materials not included).

 KITCHEN & BATHROOM RENOVATIONS; Sign a contract for more than $3,000 worth of labor and we will reduce your final bill by $500 (Materials not included).

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