Choosing the Right Paint Colors

By Donovan Gorey
Selecting the right paint color for the walls of your home has the power to reflect your personality as an individual and create the overall aura of your home. It doesn’t take much color to liven up an area of your home. Colors can range anywhere from peaceful to energetic to edgy. It’s important to consider the tone of the color before choosing, so you are not disappointed, but satisfied with not only how it looks when applied but what it actually adds and implements to your home. Think about the energy given off by the color and whether if feels suitable for you or not.

Once you find the color/s you’re thinking about using, try holding up the palette to the wall of the space during different times of the day. This will help you get a sense of how different lighting will affect the color. It’s also important to keep in mind that the paint color on the palette will almost always be darker and deeper on your walls.

The color of your walls has the power to reflect your personality and a happy home. This is why selecting a paint color for your home is key to putting off an energy you are pleased and content with.

Donovan Gorey is a rising senior at Damascus High School in Damascus, Maryland. 
She is helping to write blogs for A to Z Turnover Services and it is her first summer job. 

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